Sabia C. Wade, Full Spectrum Doula


Before I introduce myself, I’d like to thank you for showing interest in Kahali Love Doula Services! My name is Sabia Wade and I am a Full Spectrum Doula, aspiring Certified Professional Midwife and also the owner of Kahali Love. I am currently living in Massachusetts and I am open to assisting births in the Northeast. I am also open to assisting with births outside of the Northeast, if my travel expenses are accommodated. I am currently training under Birth Arts International and gaining experience as a volunteer doula with The Prison Birth Project. I believe in empowering birthing parents in their birth of choice but also preparing them and supporting them for the known and unknown. I love working with all families, regardless of race, economic status, gender, sexuality or culture.

As your doula:

  • I will work only for you, and not your caregiver or hospital.
  • I will provide care in a healthy, nonjudgmental, reliable and open space
  • I will advocate, support, educate and empower the expectant parent
  • I will use my education and experience to assist in your chosen birth plan
  • I will offer comfort measures such as massage, positioning, etc.
  • I will be available to you by phone, text or email at anytime
  • I will not perform medical tasks such as fetal assessments, exams, etc.

I do not turn anyone away based on their financial ability. I will work with you to create an affordable doula package and to support you through this very miraculous time. Initially, we will meet to take part in a complimentary consultation. During that time, we will discuss your expectations, delivery time frame, birth plan and many other important factors to create a personalized birth plan for you. After the interview, I will reserve your estimated delivery time frame and give you 48 hours to decide if I am the lucky doula for this special time in your life!

Feel free to browse the site for helpful handouts, upcoming events and blog entries.. If you are interested in my services or if you have any questions, contact me directly at 201-257-7937 or !